Why using Bilderbob

Why using Bilderbob?

With Bilderbob you have the ability to upload unlimited eBay pictures for free and integrate them with a special HTML code in your eBay auction.

Therefore you don't need any knowledge about HTML programing or ebay image hosting, all this handles Bilderbob for you. Just upload your pictures here for free, add the HTML code and your fine.

By using this image hosting service you are able to upload and integrate as many images as you want -> unlimited free eBay image hosting.

Read our HowTo and you will find detailed instructions.

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Whether you're selling products online to clean out a spare room, or you're serious about making money, the quality of the pictures you choose to display is important. If you decide to focus on popular auction sites as your marketing platform, taking the time to create eBay images that sell is a fundamental part of doing business. As a free hosting service for eBay, bilderbob.com offers a few important guidelines when taking, and selecting the pictures to represent your items.

Quality is key in regards to eBay pictures. Considering the volume of products online at any given time, poor quality images translate into poor sales. Even when comparing two identical items, buyers will choose the one that offers clear photographs with multiple points of view.

Choose your camera wisely. The quality of your image begins with the camera. Although most high-end cell phones will take acceptable photographs, less expensive phones should be avoided. A moderately priced digital camera should always be the first choice.

Cell phones that produce above average results will be sufficient if there is no other option, but that's it. If you don't own a camera that can produce quality eBay pictures, make an effort to buy or borrow one. It's important to remember that your photos are the first impression.

Focus needs to be on the image you're selling, and not on the person standing in the background. Your eBay images should be free of clutter and anything that will distract buyers. In the case of smaller products that are easily moved, create a back-drop or "stage" that will offer enough contrast to make the item pop. With larger subjects such as automobiles, do your best to keep the background as simple as possible.

eBay pictures with poor lighting only help to frustrate buyers. Natural light, or light from flood lamps that helps to create a clear and crisp image will work wonders every time. When possible avoid using a built-in flash. Flashes will tend to "wash out" an image, and cause important details and dimension to be lost.

Natural light always works best. Photograph smaller eBay images inside by a large window, or outside in moderate sunlight. For those larger subjects that need to remain outside, simply make sure to avoid photographing your images during a time of day that will cast shadows. Too much shadow may hide certain details, distort the image, and distract the buyer.

When photographing your eBay pictures, borrow a camera if you need to, be patient and take your time. Always put yourself in the buyer's shoes when deciding which images to host with bilderbob.com.

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